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<strong>My Commitment To You</strong>

My Commitment To You

Local residents and businesses rely on me to help secure their financial futures, but my commitment doesn't end there. I believe that in order to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, I also have to serve the local communities in which they live and work. Here's how I am making a difference in our communities.

To Special Needs
Careful life care planning can make a difference in the quality of life for your loved one and other family members—including yourself. The stress and fear of not planning often paralyzes any planning at all. Knowing this, I will assist you through the intricate process.

To the Community
My community involvement through charitable organizations and civic events is deeply important to me. My time and resources invested are additional reasons I've earned trust from so many in this area.

To My Clients
My working environment is characterized by trust and cooperation. I work together with you to help you be successful in your endeavors. I honor our commitments and hold myself accountable to my words.

Professional Services of America, LLC was established in 1982. I consider my clients’ needs, goals and dreams to be of the highest priority. I believe in the value of long-term relationships, service, integrity and uncompromised quality.

My Process

Finding the right solution for your personal or business needs requires me to pay special attention to the circumstances of your unique situation. This is why I take a needs-based approach to the insurance sales strategy. My four-step process of analyzing, recommending, implementing, and reviewing your strategy will help ensure that you get on course to achieving your goals, and remain on course as life unfolds.

Before I recommend any product or service, I ask questions and get a clear understanding of your financial goals and objectives. I then analyze your insurance portfolio to identify any gaps that may exist in your policies.

I provide you with suggestions to fill in the gaps so you can choose the products best suited for your situation.

If you're satisfied with my recommendations, I will work with you to implement your strategies and secure the required products and services to help ensure your financial freedom.

Because your financial situation is bound to change, I work with you over time through periodic reviews to help you monitor the strategies in place, and their capacity to continuously meet your goals.

I, Harvey D. Silverman, can help you with many of your financial needs. It is important to note that Financial Services Representatives are only able to provide certain services if they are licensed to do so in your state.

Individuals and Families

Individuals and Families

Years of experience have prepared me to help guide you and your loved ones through all of life's financial obstacles.

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I create strategies that are tailored to your business' needs and goals.

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Achieving Your Goals Takes Strategy and Execution

At Professional Services of America, LLC, I understand what it takes to successfully execute a financial strategy. It includes the growth and preservation of your assets. This process includes: identifying our core values of responsibility, accountability, and communication.

I strive to provide prudent investment counsel while helping my clients to understand and manage risk with any financial strategy.

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